During your stay, your doctors and nurses will let you know how long they think you will be in hospital.

You are encouraged to ask when you can expect to be discharged and remind the doctors and nurses of that.

Even before this happens, we believe it is in your best interest to start planning for your discharge and after-care as soon as possible.

If you think you will need support at home, please talk to our staff so we can arrange the required support ahead of time.

The official discharge time from the ward is 10.00am. Family and friends can assist by organising transport before you are discharged.

Before leaving the ward, please ensure you collect any private x-rays/scans or medications and confirm if you have any follow-up appointments. Please remember to collect all of your personal items.

Transit Lounge

Once you are ready for discharge, you may be transferred to our comfortable Transit Lounge to wait for your medications or for a family member/friend to collect you.

Located on the first floor (next to the Same Day Unit), the lounge features coffee and tea making facilities, newspapers, recliner chairs and TV screens. Nurses will be available if you require any medical attention.

If you are ready to be discharged, you can let your nurse know that you wish to be picked up from the Transit Lounge. You can also wait in the lounge for any medications being dispensed from the Pharmacy.

Discharge after surgery

If you are being discharged following an elective surgical procedure, you will need to arrange for:

  • an adult to take you home after your operation and to stay with you overnight (if undergoing a day procedure). Note: your admission may be cancelled if an adult is not able to stay with you
  • transport home on discharge.

Discharge medications

Payment for any prescribed medication that will be taken home from the hospital must be paid for on the day of discharge.

The amount you will be charged for medicines in the hospital will be the same as what you would pay at your local pharmacy. Accounts can be paid at the pharmacy cashier (9.00am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday). Please bring your Medicare card, concession card or safety net card if applicable.

Provision of aids and equipment for use at home

The occupational therapist and/or the physiotherapist may provide you with mobility and other self care aids that can assist you to manage at home. You will be trained in the safe use of this equipment. This equipment is usually on temporary loan until you no longer require it and remains the property of Armadale Health Service.

The therapist may give you the equipment while you are on the ward or make arrangements with you or your family regarding picking up the equipment and returning it when it is no longer required.

If you have agreed to take equipment home with you please ensure it goes with you on the day of discharge.